Garage Door Installation in O’Fallon, MO

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We fix broken springs, rollers, openers, keypads, tracks and more!


Garage Door Installation O’Fallon, MO. Soulard Garage Door and Fence Company has been in business for three years and has over 10 years of combined excellence in the garage door installation industry among us. Our company is committed to providing O’Fallon residents with the highest level of customer service experience while maintaining a 100% client satisfaction rate at all times. The installation experts at Soulard Garage Door are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that residents in O’Fallon know that they can rely on us for their garage door installation needs. Soulard Garage Door will install any brand or model of garage door or garage door part! Discover for yourself why lots of O’Fallon residents have named Soulard Garage Door and Fence Company the greatest garage door installation company in St Louis!

Why Choose Us?

The O’Fallon Garage Door Installation Experts

Attempting to install a garage door by yourself is not only difficult but can easily become dangerous.Regardless of whether you’re looking for spring repair, track repair, or anything in between, you can know that our team of installation specialists have the experience and resources to safely and accurately complete your O’Fallon garage door installation needs. To discover more about our garage door installation services contact us by calling (314) 281-6989 or book your appointment with us today!

Why Choose Soulard Door for Your Repair?

Same-Day Repair Service

We provide same-day service for garage door repairs, providing customers with fast and reliable service. We handle every aspect of the repair including competitive part pricing so you can continue with your day as quickly as possible.

Repair Parts Guaranteed

Soulard Garage Door and Company offers 3, 5, or 7 year warranties on all new parts, new garage doors, and repair service. Your repair warranty automatically includes all service and labor fees, so if it breaks, we fix it for free!

Best Warranty & Maintenance Service

Our reliable technicians are expertly skilled, ready to go to work to repair or maintain your garage door, and trained to service and repair all makes and models of residential garage doors. No matter what type or style of door, we can fix it, warranty it, and get you on your way.

Local St Louis, Family Owned and Operated

Soulard Garage Door and Company is a locally owned and operated business in St Louis area. We provide the best warranties and pricing around on garage door parts and service. Make sure to check out our service areas. We provide our Garage Door Repair services within a 100 mile radius of the St Louis area.

Get A Free Service Call with Repair!

No service fee for initial garage door inspection if we fix your door!